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What effects the cost of your wedding flowers

Your choice of Flowers

Having David Austin Roses, Peonies, or more exotic Orchids, in your arrangements will work out to be more expensive, than if you were to choose a different type of Rose, Chrysanthemums, or Carnations. 

How many flowers are required in your chosen design

If you want to go for a massed flower design that doesn’t have any foliage in it, then it will cost more - as flowers are more expensive on the whole than foliage. So opting for a mixed design with plenty of beautiful foliage, will often bring the price down.

The number and type of designs you require

The amount of different designs you choose for your big day, is going to affect the overall cost of your flowers.

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Budgets can be worked to by careful planning, and choice of flowers.

Items to bring with you to you Free Consultation:


Any ideas from magazines, or ideas off the internet.

Mood Boards

Any mood boards (if you have one) or files on ideas that you may have put together.

Fabric samples

Any fabric samples of your dress, and bridesmaids dresses material. These can then be used to colour match flowers, lace or ribbons that may be used with your bridal flowers.

General wedding information

Any information you may have on your wedding and reception venue, so that themes, and size and amount of designs can be discussed.

Your budget

It is important that you have a budget in mind that you wish to spend on your flowers. As a general rule of thumb an average cost of a couples flowers usually works out as approximately 10% of their overall wedding budget.


The most important thing to get out of any meeting is to get to know you the bride, your visions and inspirations are all important to me, so that I can put your personality into your flowers on the big day!

"The flowers were stunning and I couldn't have asked for more. You did an amazing job, both with the flowers and the service, I can't thank you enough" - Avril

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